Dnipropetrovsk Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater [Дніпропетровський академічний український музично драматичний театр ім. Т. Шевченка; Dnipropetrovskyi akademichnyi ukrainskyi muzychno-dramatychnyi teatr im. T. Shevchenka]. The theater in the city of Dnipro that was formed in 1927 out of the Shevchenko First Theater of the Ukrainian Soviet Republic, which had been moved from Poltava to Dnipropetrovsk. In 2004 the theater was granted an academic theater status. Its repertoire consists of Ukrainian and world and Ukrainian drama classics as well as popular Ukrainian plays. The theater’s best-known director was Ilia Kobrynsky. Its famous actors have included Zinaida Khrukalova, Antin Khoroshun, and Sofiia Stankevych. Valentyn Borysovets and L. Skrypytsia have won recognition as stage designers.

[This article was updated in 2018.]

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