Euchologion (trebnyk). A liturgical book that contains the services and prayers used for all the sacraments except Holy Orders and the Holy Eucharist. Called a Book of Needs or Sacramentarion, it is one of the most essential liturgical books. The first translations into Church Slavonic were made in the 9th century. The most complete edition of the Euchologion includes the ritual for the blessing of a church, its furnishings, and appointments; the ritual for the blessing of holy objects; and blessings and prayers for specific needs. The shorter version contains the rituals for the administering of sacraments (baptism, marriage, anointing with oil, penance), the offices for the dead, and certain blessings used during the year.

The definitive version of the Euchologion used in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was prepared by Petro Mohyla and published in 1646 (republ in Paris in 1988). This edition contains some 20 rituals not performed in other Eastern churches—eg, services for the uncovering of holy relics and for the blessing of monasteries—that were of local origin.

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