Nemyriv. Map: V-9. A city (2005 pop 11,700) and raion center in Vinnytsia oblast. It was founded at the end of the 14th century. The first written mention about it dates from 1506. It came under Polish rule after the Union of Lublin (1569) and under Turkish rule (1672–99). The city played an important role during the Cossack-Polish War and the subsequent period of the Ruin. From 1677 to 1679 it served as Hetman Yurii Khmelnytsky’s capital under Turkish sovereignty. Nemyriv came under Russian rule after the partition of Poland in 1793. It attained city status in 1985. Nemyriv has several enterprises of the food industry. Its architectural monuments include a 19th-century Shcherbatova palace and park, and two churches, built in 1801 and 1881 as well as the gymnasium building (1838). The Nemyriv fortified settlement from the early Scythian period (7th–6th century BC) is located near the city.

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