Odesa State Music Academy (Одеська державна музична академія ім. А. В. Нежданової; Odeska derzhavna muzychna akademiia im. A. V. Nezhdanovoi). A school of advanced music education located in Odesa. Founded in 1913 on the basis of the Russian Music Society's school (est 1897), it was divided in 1923 into the Odesa Institute of Music and the Odesa Music Tekhnikum. In 1928 the schools were combined as the Beethoven Music and Drama Institute, and in 1934 the Odesa Conservatory was re-established in its original form. In 2002 the conservatory was granted a state academy status and assumed its current name. Today the school has three faculties: piano performance and music theory, orchestral technique, and vocal and choral training, as well as a graduate studoies faculty. Its graduates include the composer Kostiantyn Dankevych, the singers Mykhailo Hryshko, Oleksa Kryvchenia, Halyna Oliinychenko, Bela Rudenko, and Yelysaveta Chavdar, the violinist David Oistrakh, and the pianist E. Gilels. Its notable teachers include K. Dankevych, P. Movchaniuk, J. Perlman, Kostiantyn Pihrov, Josyf Přibik, Petro Stoliarsky, Mykola Vilinsky, and Vasilii Zolotarev.

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