Andrusovo, Treaty of. A peace treaty between Poland and Muscovy, signed 13 January 1667 in the village of Andrusovo near Smolensk, Muscovy, that remained in effect for thirteen and one-half years. It terminated the war that began in 1654. According to this treaty, Left-Bank Ukraine remained under Muscovite rule, while Right-Bank Ukraine was transferred to Poland. Kyiv was to remain in Russian hands for two years, but the Russians kept it permanently. The Zaporozhian Sich came under the joint protection of Muscovy and Poland. This was the first partition of Ukraine, and it was confirmed by the so-called Eternal Peace of 1686. The events leading to the Treaty of Andrusovo are analyzed in C. B. O'Brien's Muscovy and the Ukraine from the Pereiaslav Agreement to the Truce of Andrusovo, 1654-1667 (Berkeley 1963).

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