Acrobatics. An old form of sport that consists of various exercises such as leaps, balancing, back-bends, and pyramids. The sport was practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. In Ukraine the skomorokhy of the Princely era practiced acrobatics. Acrobatics was applied in military training, particularly by the Cossacks. In the Ukrainian SSR there were special organizations devoted to acrobatics. The following Ukrainian acrobats have won the USSR championship: the brothers A. and V. Tishler and V. Motuzenko (members of Burevisnyk in Kyiv), and O. Cherkas (member of Avanhard [Vanguard]). In 1976 the first world competitions in acrobatics were held. Among the winners were two women from the Kyivan Avanhard (Vanguard)—N. Tyshchenko and M. Kukharenko—and a man from Spartak—M. Kukharenko. Acrobatics is also used in the circus.

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