Adygei Autonomous oblast

Image - Map of Adygei Autonomous Republic

Adygei Autonomous oblast. (Map: Adygei Autonomous oblast.) Autonomous oblast established in 1922 within the borders of the Krasnodar krai in the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic, with Maikop as its capital city. It existed until 1991 when it separated from the Krasnodar krai to for the Adygei Republic. This autonomous region includes a part of the Kuban Lowland on the left bank of the Kuban River and Laba River and a part of the northern foothills of the Caucasus Mountains. It covered an area of 7,792 sq km and had a population of 405,000 in 1980. The oblast was settled by Adygeians (21 percent), Russians (71 percent), and Ukrainians (3 percent). In 1926, 23.4 percent of the oblast's population of 112,767 was Ukrainian.

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