Andrukhovych, Kost

Andrukhovych, Kost [Andruxovyč, Kost’], b 1862 in Galicia, d ? in Ukraine. One of the earliest Ukrainian Catholic clergymen in the United States. Andrukhovych arrived in America shortly after his ordination in 1888. He settled first in Kingston, and later moved to Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. He took control of Ameryka, the newspaper established by Rev Ivan Ya. Voliansky, and arranged to have its assets assigned to the Shenandoah church parish. After Ameryka folded, Andrukhovych published Ruske slovo for about a year (1891). He also became involved with the Ukrainian consumer co-operative in the area, although his desire to assume full control over the venture proved disruptive to the community. Metropolitan Sylvestr Sembratovych asked Voliansky to investigate Andrukhovych's increasingly erratic behaviour. Andrukhovych was recalled to Galicia not long thereafter. There his study of Ukrainians in the United States, Z zhyttia rusyniv v Amerytsi (On the Life of Ruthenians in America, Kolomyia 1904), was published.

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