Apostol family

Apostol family [Апостол]. A Ukrainian noble family of Moldavian origin. Pavlo Yefremovych Apostol (ca 1617–18 to 1683) was the captain of the Khomutets company in the Myrhorod regiment (1657), the colonel of the Hadiach regiment (1659–60) and of the Myrhorod regiment (1659–64, 1672–83), and Petro Doroshenko's general aide-de-camp (1666). His son Danylo Apostol was the hetman of Left-Bank Ukraine (1727–34). Danylo's first son, Petro Apostol (d 1758), was the colonel of the Lubny regiment (1728–57), and his second son, Pavlo (d 1736), was the colonel of the Myrhorod regiment (1727–36) and died in a Crimean campaign. Petro Apostol's son Danylo was general flagbearer (1762–82) and a member of the Little Russian Collegium (1767). His son Mykhailo was a colonel in the Russian army and the last male in the Apostol line (d 1816). The name and the large estate of this family were passed on through its female members to I. Muravev-Apostol (1770–1851) and his descendants.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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