Atroshchenko, Vasyl

Atroshchenko, Vasyl [Атрощенко, Василь; Atroščenko, Vasyl'], b 3 July 1906 in Yuzivka (now Donetsk), Oblast of the Don Cossack Host, d 16 June 1991 in Kharkiv. Chemist, full member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR from 1972. Atroshchenko graduated from the Odesa Institute of Chemistry and Technology in 1931. In 1935 he became a professor at the Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute. He has produced studies on the kinetics of catalytic and absorptive processes and on the technology of nitrogen fixation.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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