Azov-Syvash Game Preserve

Image - The sea shore at the Azov-Syvash Game Preserve, an important location for migrating sea birds.

Azov-Syvash Game Preserve (Ozivo-syvashske zapovidno-myslyvske hospodarstvo). Located in the area of the Sea of Azov and Syvash Lake, the preserve covers an area of 6,850 ha including sandy Byriuchyi Island and the loess islands of Kuiuk-Tuk and Churiuk. The preserve was formed in 1957 out of a reservation established in 1927. The steppe vegetation includes about 240 species. The red deer and the pheasant have been acclimatized on Byriuchyi Island, and the buck and the wild goat have been reacclimatized. The purpose of the preserve is to protect the steppe and coastal flora, particularly waterfowl during their southward migration and wintering.

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