Babowal, Roman

Babowal, Roman [Бабовал, Роман], b 2 September 1950 in Liège, Belgium, d 15 June 2005 in Liège. Poet and physician. He studied medicine at Leuven University from which he graduated in 1975 with a PH. D. He specialized in oncology and nuclear medicine. In 1969 Babowal published his poetry in the journals Suchasnist’ and Novi poeziï and became associated with the New York Group of poets. He published six Ukrainian-language collections of modernist poetry: Navischcho pro te zhaduiu? (Why Do I Remember That? 1969), Podorozh poza formy (Journey Beyond Forms, 1972), Omana moloka i lysty do kokhanok (The Deceit of Milk and Letters to Lovers, 1985), Nichni perekazy (Night Communications, 1987), Mandrivky imovirnoho (Journeys of the Probable, 1993), and Pamiat' fragmentarna (Fragmented Memory, 1994), as well as three poetic collections in French.

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