Bantysh-Kamensky, Mykola

Bantysh-Kamensky, Mykola [Бантиш-Каменський, Микола; Bantyš-Kamens’kyj], b 27 December 1737 in Nizhyn, d 1 February 1814 in Moscow. (Portrait: Mykola Bantysh-Kamensky.) Archeographer and historian; father of Dmytro Bantysh-Kamensky. A graduate of the Kyivan Mohyla Academy and Moscow University, from 1762 Bantysh-Kamensky worked, and later became director, at the Moscow archives of the College of Foreign Affairs. Among his numerous works the most important are Istoricheskoe izvestie o voznikshei v Pol’she unii (Historical Information on the [Church] Union That Occurred in Poland, 1805); Sobranie gosudarstvennykh gramot i dogovorov, khraniashchikhsia v Gosudarstvennoi Kollegii Inostrannykh Del (A Collection of State Documents and Treaties Preserved in the State College of Foreign Affairs, 1813); ‘Perepiska mezhdu Rossiei i Pol’shei po 1700 god, sostavlennaia po diplomaticheskim bumagam’ (The Correspondence between Russia and Poland until 1700 Based on Diplomatic Papers), in Chteniia Obshchestva istorii i drevnostei rossiiskikh pri Moskovskom Universitete (1860, no. 4; 1861, no. 2; 1862, no. 4); and Diplomaticheskoe sobranie del mizhdu rossiiskim i pol’skim dvorami ... po 1700 g. (A Collection of Diplomatic Acts between the Russian and Polish Courts ... to 1700, 5 vols, 1780–4). He also cataloged the archives of the Kyivan Cave Monastery.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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