Baran, Alexander

Baran, Alexander or Oleksander [Баран, Олександер], b 28 March 1926 in Konstove near Uzhhorod, Transcarpathia, d 12 October 2004 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Ukrainian Catholic priest and historian; full member of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Shevchenko Scientific Society; professor of history at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. Baran studied in Prague and Rome and received his PH D in 1965. He is the author of works on the history of the Ukrainian church (particularly in Transcarpathia) and on the Cossacks, including Metropolia Kioviensis et Eparchia Mukačoviensis (1960), Eparchia Maramorosiensis eisque Unio (1962), Iepyskop Andrii Bachyns'kyi i tserkovne vidrodzhennia na Zakarpatti (Bishop Andrii Bachynsky and the Rebirth of the Church in Transcarpathia, 1963), The Cossacks in the Thirty Years War, 2 vols, (1969, 1983, with George Gajecky), and articles in theological-scholarly and historical periodicals.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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