Bilhorod. Historic town on the Irpin River, near Kyiv; today the village of Bilohorodka (map: III-11). The first mention of Bilhorod occurs in 980; in 991 a fortress was built there to protect Kyiv against nomads (it was attacked in 997 by the Pechenegs). From the 11th century until the mid-13th century Bilhorod was a temporary residence of Kyivan princes and bishops and a military outpost. Bilhorod was razed by the Tatars in 1240. The remains of the town and its fortifications cover some 85 ha in Bilohorodka. Archeological excavations conducted by Vikentii Khvoika (1909–10) uncovered fortifications, foundations of churches, remains of tradesmen's shops, dwellings, implements, multicolored majolica, and other objects.

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