Bilokur, Kateryna

Image - Kateryna Bilokur at work painting. Image - Kateryna Bilokur (1950s)

Bilokur, Kateryna [Білокур, Катерина], b 7 December 1900 in the village of Bohdanivka, Kyiv gubernia, d 10 June 1961 in Bohdanivka. Self-taught master of primitive art and decorative folk painting. Bilokur painted flowers and fruits in gardens, orchards, and fields; still lifes; and several portraits and self-portraits. Her paintings display originality, vivid coloring, and great attention to detail. In 1954 three paintings by Bilokur were exhibited at an international exhibition in Paris where, among others, they were highly praised by Pablo Picasso. Her work is preserved at the National Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art. Albums of her paintings were published in Kyiv in 1959, 1975, and 2010.

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Image - Kateryna Bilokur monument in Yahotyn. Image - Kateryna Bilokur: Flowers and Birches (1934). Image - Kateryna Bilokur: Field Flowers (1941). Image - Kateryna Bilokur: Flowers in the Evening (1942). Image - Kateryna Bilokur: Flowers in Blue Jar (1942-43). Image - Kateryna Bilokur: Greeting the Harvest (1946). Image - Kateryna Bilokur: Field on Collective Farm (1948-49). Image - Kateryna Bilokur: Still Life Breakfast (1950). Image - Kateryna Bilokur: Selfportrait (1950).

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