Bolkhovitinov, Evgenii

Bolkhovitinov, Evgenii [Болховитинов, Евгений; Bolxovitinov, Evgenij; secular name: ; Evfimii], b 29 December 1767 in Voronezh, d 7 March 1837 in Kyiv. Church leader, metropolitan of Kyiv (1822–37), historian, archeographer, and bibliographer. Among his bibliographic works were Slovar' russkikh ‘svetskikh’ pisatelei (Dictionary of Russian Secular Writers, 2 vols, 1845) and Slovar' istoricheskii o byvshikh v Rossii pisateliakh dukhovnogo china ... (Historical Dictionary of Past Clerical Writers in Russia ..., 2 vols, 1818 and 1827). Bolkhovitinov also wrote books on the history of the Ukrainian church and Kyiv, including Opisanie Kievo-Sofiiskogo sobora i Kievskoi ierarkhii (A Description of the Kyiv Saint Sophia Cathedral and the Kyivan Hierarchy, 1826, 1831) and Opisanie Kievo-Pecherskoi Lavry (A Description of the Kyivan Cave Monastery, 1826). Kindrat Lokhvytsky excavated the foundations of the Church of the Tithes and the Golden Gate in Kyiv under Bolkhovitinov’s direction and sponsorship. Some of Bolkhovitinov’s writings, edited with an introduction and notes (in Ukrainian) by T. Ananieva, were reprinted in 1995 as Vybrani pratsi z istoriï Kyieva (Selected Works on the History of Kyiv).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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