Bondarchuk, Stepan

Image - A group of former actors of the Molodyi Teatr in Odesa in 1927. First row (l-r): Y. Shevchenko, P. Dolyna, S. Manuilovych. Second row: O. Dobrovolska, P. Samiilenko, V. Vasylko, A. Smereka, S. Bondarchuk.

Bondarchuk, Stepan [Bondarčuk], b 6 August 1886 in the village of Kodnia near Zhytomyr, d 4 December 1970 in Odesa. (Photo: Stepan Bondarchuk.) Theater director and actor, co-founder of Les Kurbas's Molodyi Teatr theater in Kyiv (1916–19). Bondarchuk was a director at the Zhytomyr Independent Theater in 1920–2, at the Berezil theater in 1922–6, and at the First Workers' Theater in Kyiv (1930–2). Exiled as a political prisoner to Uzbekistan, he headed a theater in Bukhara in 1937–41. He wrote several plays, including Proloh (Prologue), with L. Kurbas, and two plays based on Taras Shevchenko's poems, Varnak (The Convict) and Vid'ma (The Witch).

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