Bukovynian Battalion of 1941

Bukovynian Battalion of 1941. Volunteer formation of Bukovyna residents created in July 1941 by the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (Melnyk faction). With a force of some 1,000 men under the command of Capt Petro Voinovsky, the battalion reached Kyiv, where it was demobilized. Members of the battalion later fought in the ranks of German auxiliary forces against Soviet partisans in Belarus. Some went into the Ukrainian underground, while others joined the French Resistance after having been transferred to the French front in 1944.

Duda, A.; Staryk, V. Bukovyns’kyi kurin’ v boiakh za ukraïns’ku derzhavnist’. 1918–1941–1944 (Kyiv–Chernivtsi 1995)

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