Buzko, Dmytro

Image - Dmytro Buzko Image - Dmytro Buzko: Kryshtalevyi krai (1935).

Buzko, Dmytro [Бузько, Дмитро; Buz'ko], b 1890 in Novomyrhorod, Yelysavethrad county, Kherson gubernia, d 14 November 1937. Writer and political figure. Buzko studied at the University of Copenhagen. Until 1917 he was a member of the Ukrainian Party of Socialist Revolutionaries. Later he was secretary of the mission of the Ukrainian National Republic in Copenhagen. He was published from 1920 as a futurist and in 1927–31 belonged to the writers' group Nova Generatsiia. Buzko is the author of the story collections Lisovyi zvir (Forest Beast, 1924) and Na svitanku (At Dawn, 1930) and the novels Chaika (The Seagull, 1929), Pro shcho rozpovidala rotatsiika (What the Press Operator Told, 1929), Za gratamy (Behind Bars, 1930), Holiandiia (1930), Domny (Blast Furnaces, 1932), Nashchadky khorobrykh (Descendants of the Brave, 1933), Kryshtalevyi krai (The Crystal Country, 1935), and Iadviha i Malka - polis’ki partyzany (Yadviha and Malka, Polisian Partisans, 1936). He was also the author of several film screenplays. He was arrested in 1937 during the Yezhov terror and executed.

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