Civil Procedure Code of the Ukrainian SSR

Civil Procedure Code of the Ukrainian SSR (Цивільний процесуальний кодекс УРСР; Tsyvilnyi protsesualnyi kodeks URSR). A systematic source of the laws of civil procedure in Soviet Ukraine. The first civil procedure code was enacted by the All-Ukrainian Central Executive Committee on 30 July 1924 (effective 31 October 1924). A revised code took force on 1 December 1929. The revised code was enacted by the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR on 18 July 1963 (effective 1 January 1964). Pursuant to the provisions of the USSR constitution, the Ukrainian code was based on the Principles of Civil Procedure of the USSR and the Constituent Republics enacted by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on 8 December 1961. The code contains six parts, with 428 articles. Part I dealt with the objectives of the code, basic principles of the process, jurisdiction, composition, and mechanisms of the civil court, evidence and its evaluation, summonses, etc. Part II dealt with the rights and duties of participants in a trial. Part III regulated the trial procedure in the first instance. Part IV coversed the court of appeal, cassation, and supervision. Part V dealt with the execution of court decisions, and part VI, the litigation rights of foreign citizens and organizations, members of diplomatic corps, and stateless persons. (See Civil procedure.)

Iuridicheskaia komissiia pri Sovete Ministrov Ukrainskoi SSR. Grazhdanskii protsessual'nyi kodeks Ukrainskoi SSR (Kyiv 1964)

Yurii Starosolsky

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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