Council of the Republic

Council of the Republic (Rada Respubliky). Parliament in exile of the Ukrainian National Republic established by the UNR law of 9 January 1921. Before the creation of the council, the UNR law of 12 November 1920 anticipated the creation of the State National Council (Derzhavna Narodnia Rada), but this body was never convened owing to the evacuation of the UNR government to Poland. The Council of the Republic met in Tarnów, Poland, in February 1921 as the ‘provisional supreme organ of the people's government, which has the right of full authority.’ It consisted of 67 deputies, representing various political parties, professional and cultural organizations, and zemstvos. At the end of March the council issued a Universal to the Ukrainian nation. The council ceased functioning in August 1921 after several organizations resigned. The council was headed by Ivan Feshchenko-Chopivsky.

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