Daciuk, Myron

Daciuk, Myron [Дацюк, Мирон; Dacjuk], b 16 November 1919 in Mundare, Alberta, d 14 January 1996 in Edmonton. Ukrainian Catholic bishop. He began his studies with the Basilian monastic order in 1936 at its monastery in Mundare and later in Grimsby, Ontario. He took his vows of chastity in 1942. Ordained in 1945, he had postings in Grimsby, Montreal, and Edmonton, but by and large remained centered in Mundare for many years. He served as the order’s provincial superior in 1964–70 and continued to hold administrative positions with it after that time. He had parochial appointments in Winnipeg (1970–6), Edmonton (1976–9) and Vancouver (1979–82) before becoming the auxiliary bishop of the Winnipeg Archeparchy (assisting Maksym Hermaniuk) in 1981. In 1991 he was invested as the Ukrainian Catholic bishop of Edmonton.

Andrij Makuch

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