Dashkevych, Ostafii

Dashkevych, Ostafii [Daškevyč, Ostafij] (aka Dashkovych), b ca 1455, d 1535. Boyar from the Kyiv region who served in the army of Ivan III, the grand prince of Moscow. Dashkevych took part in the revolt of Mykhailo Hlynsky. He later became starosta of Kaniv and Cherkasy (1514) and organized Cossack forces to defend the southeastern frontier, successfully repelling Tatar incursions. In 1515 and 1521, in alliance with the Tatars, he organized campaigns against Muscovy. His plan for a standing defense force (1533) was appproved by the Sejm, but the Polish government provided no material assistance. Traditionally, Dashkevych has been incorrectly considered the first Cossack hetman.

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