Dnipro Reservoir

Image -  Map of the Dnipro Reservoir

Dnipro Reservoir [Дніпровське водосховище; Dniprovske vodoshovyshche]. A large water reservoir created in 1932 with the building of the Dnipro Hydroelectric Station. It is 129 km long and extends along the Dnipro River from just above Zaporizhia to just below the city of Dnipro. The reservoir has an average width of 3.2 km (7 at its widest point) and an average depth of 8 meters (53 at its deepest). A large artificial lake, called the Samara Bay, stretching for approx 10 km at the mouth of the Samara River, flows into the north end of the reservoir. The creation of the reservoir inundated the historic Dnipro Rapids.

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