Dniprosoiuz [Дніпросоюз]. A central union of consumer co-operatives founded in May 1917 in Kyiv. This was the most important central co-operative union in Ukraine during the period of Ukrainian struggle for independence (1917–20). By the end of 1918 Dniprosoiuz represented almost 80,000 co-operatives and 80 county and regional unions. It sold haberdashery, manufactured goods, and other merchandise and organized several factories and a printing press. Over 2,000 people were employed in the industrial concerns owned by Dniprosoiuz. Besides its commercial departments, Dniprosoiuz had an accounting-training, a statistical-economic, a cultural-educational, a legal, and an insurance department. It had branches in the larger cities such as Odesa (the largest branch) and Stanyslaviv (from February 1919) and a mission in Vienna. It was Ukraine's main representative agent in foreign trade. Dniprosoiuz published a large number of Ukrainian books, particularly textbooks, and a periodical, Kooperatyvna zoria. It organized libraries, reading rooms, and drama groups. In 1920 the Soviets abolished Dniprosoiuz and replaced it with the All-Ukrainian Association of Consumer Co-operative Organizations in Kharkiv. During its existence Dniprosoiuz was headed by Dmytro Koliukh.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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