Eusebius Gospel

Eusebius Gospel (Євсевієве євангеліє; Ievseviieve ievanheliie). A handwritten aprakos (or service Gospel) of 140 folios that was copied by ‘Eusebius, the priest’s son’ at Saint John’s Church in 1283 in Kholm or Peremyshl (according to Mykhailo Hrushevsky) or perhaps in the princely Halych. The script is characterized by the appearance of o and e instead of ъ and ь in positions where they are not pronounced, of the new ě, and of other features of the vernacular Ukrainian language. The manuscript is preserved in the Russian State Library in Moscow. A facsimile edition of the Eusebius Gospel was published in Kyiv in 2001 by the Institute of the Ukrainian Language of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The language of the Eusebius Gospel was studied by Aleksei Sobolevsky (1898), Hryhorii Holoskevych (1914), and Vasyl Nimchuk (2001).

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