Far Eastern Ukrainian congresses

Image - A Ukrainian demonstration in Vladivostok in the Far East (1917). Image - Ukrainian newspaper Ranok (Khabarovsk 1918).

Far Eastern Ukrainian congresses (далеко-східні українські з’їзди; daleko-skhidni ukrainski zizdy). Congresses of Ukrainians in the Far East held in 1917–18. The first congress took place on 11–14 June 1917 in Nikolsk-Ussuriiskii (now Ussuriisk). The 57 delegates present passed resolutions demanding recognition of Ukrainian autonomy in the Far East by the Provisional Government in Petrograd and organization of Ukrainian soldiers in the Russian army into separate Ukrainian units. The second and third congresses took place in Khabarovsk on 7 January 1918 and 7 April 1918, and the fourth in Vladivostok on 24 October 1918. The third congress set up a central agency representing the Ukrainians of the Far East—the Far Eastern Ukrainian Territorial Council, which by the end of 1920 had held three sessions, and its executive arm—the Far Eastern Ukrainian Secretariat, which operated from 1918 to 1920.

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