Grabar, Vladimir

Image - The Hrabar family (Olha Ihor Volodymyr Emanuil).

Grabar, Vladimir or Hrabar, Volodymyr [Грабар, Владимир], b 22 January 1865 in Vienna, d 26 November 1956 in Moscow. Specialist in the history and theory of international law; son of Olha Hrabar and brother of Ihor Hrabar. As a child Grabar lived in the Prešov region in the home of his grandfather Adolf Dobriansky. In 1871 he emigrated to Russia to join his father Emanuel Hrabar, a lawyer and member of the Hungarian parliament who had been forced to become a political émigré. After studies at Galagan College and graduation from Moscow University (1888), he taught at Tartu University (1893–1918), Voronezh University (1919–22), and Moscow University (1922–4). An associate of the Institute of Law of the USSR Academy of Sciences and a full member of the All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences from 1926, he was a legal adviser to the Soviet Commissariat of Foreign Trade (1922–9) and the Soviet delegation at the Conference of Lausanne (1922–3). His many works in Russian, Ukrainian, French, and German include Rimskoe pravo v istorii mezhdunarodno-pravovykh uchenii: Elementy mezhdunarodnogo prava v trudakh legistov XII–XIV vv. (Roman Law in the History of International-Law Doctrines: Elements of International Law in the Works of 12th- to 14th-Century Legists, 1901) and Materialy k istorii literatury mezhdunarodnogo prava v Rossii (1647–1917) (Materials on the History of the Literature of International Law in Russia [1647–1917], 1958).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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