Gumilevsky, Filaret

Gumilevsky, Filaret [Гумилевский, Филарет; secular name: Konobeevsky, Dmitrii], b 23 October 1805 in Konobeev, Shatsk county, Tambov gubernia, d 9 August 1866 in Chernihiv. Russian theologian and church historian; a graduate and later rector (1835–41) of the Moscow Theological Academy. In 1848 he was appointed bishop of Kharkiv (see Kharkiv eparchy) and in 1859 archbishop of Chernihiv. He founded the newspaper Chernigovskie eparkhial’nye izvestiia. Among his numerous publications the most significant historical works are Istoriia russkoi tserkvi (A History of the Russian Church, 1847–8), Istoriko-statisticheskoe opisanie khar'kovskoi eparkhii (A Historical-Statistical Description of Kharkiv Eparchy, 1852–9), and Istoriko-statisticheskoe opisanie chernigovskoi eparkhii (A Historical-Statistical Description of Chernihiv Eparchy, 1873). His most important theological works are Pravoslavnoe dogmaticheskoe bogoslovie (Orthodox Dogmatic Theology, 1864) and Obzor russkoi dukhovnoi literatury (A Review of Russian Theological Literature, 1859–63). He also wrote about the history of Slobidska Ukraine.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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