Haras, Mykola

Haras, Mykola [Гарас, Микола], b 1870 in Vashkivtsi, Bukovyna, d ? Civic and religious leader. Haras cofounded and headed the teacher’s organization Ukrainska Shkola in Chernivtsi. He was also the leader of the Ukrainian faction at the eparchial assemblies of the Bukovynian Orthodox church (1931–8). He authored Istorychnyi ohliad i suchasnyi stan ukraïns'koï osvity i kul'tury na Bukovyni (Historical Survey and the Current Situation of Ukrainian Education and Culture in Bukovyna, 1934) and Iliustrovana istoriia tovarystva Ukraïns'ka Shkola v Chernivtsiakh, 1887–1937 (An Illustrated History of the Society ‘Ukrainska Shkola’ in Chernivtsi, 1887–1937, 1937).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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