Hart (Tempering). A literary and political monthly published in Kharkiv in the years 1927–32 by the All-Ukrainian Association of Proletarian Writers (VUSPP), which claimed to be the direct offspring of the ‘proletarian’ writers' group Hart (1923–5) and was an archenemy of the literary group Vaplite and its successors. Among its contributors were Yurii Smolych, Kost O. Hordiienko, Ivan Le, Nataliia Zabila, Ivan Kyrylenko, Oleksii Kundzich, Leonid Pervomaisky, Oleksa Vlyzko, Volodymyr Sosiura, Mykhailo Dolengo, Borys Kovalenko, Lev Skrypnyk, Ivan Mykytenko, Ivan Kulyk, Volodymyr Koriak, Yakiv Savchenko, Samiilo Shchupak. The journal ceased publication when VUSPP was dissolved in 1932.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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