Hattsuk, Oleksa

Hattsuk, Oleksa [Гатцук, Олекса; Hatcuk], b 14 October 1832 in Odesa, d 5 December 1891 in Moscow. Archeologist, journalist, and publisher. Hattsuk graduated from Moscow University in 1857. He was involved in the publication of the literary-scholarly monthly Osnova (Saint Petersburg). Until 1875 he also contributed to the newspaper Odesskii vestnik. From 1875 to 1890 in Moscow he published the annual Krestnyi kalendar’ and a political-literary-artistic weekly, popularly called Gazeta A. Gattsuka. He is the author of popular and scholarly articles, a version of the Ukrainian alphabet (Ukraïns’ka abetka, 1861), and the first popular book on the prehistoric archeology of Russia and Ukraine: Starina Russkoi zemli ... (Antiquity of the Rus’ Land ..., 1866).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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