Huly-Hulenko, Andrii

Image - Andrii Huly-Hulenko

Huly-Hulenko, Andrii [Гулий-Гуленко, Андрій; Hulyj-Hulenko, Andrij], b October 1886 in Novoarkhanhelsk, Yelysavethrad county, Kherson gubernia, d after January 1926. Senior officer of the Army of the Ukrainian National Republic. He came to prominence as an insurgent commander supporting the Directory of the Ukrainian National Republic in southern Ukraine during 1918–19 (see Partisan movement in Ukraine, 1918–22). In 1920 he commanded the 1st (Zaporozhian) Division of the UNR Army (see Zaporozhian Corps). In November 1921 he commanded the Bessarabian Group in the Second Winter Campaign, entering Ukraine from Romania. He was captured by the Bolshevik forces, but managed to escape and returned to Romania. In June 1922 he slipped surreptitiously into Ukraine, where he was apprehended in Odesa in July 1922. He was tried by an extraordinary session of the Kharkiv gubernia court in May 1925 and sentenced to a 10-year prison term in strict isolation. The documentation regarding his incarceration ceases in late January 1926.

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