Ilchenko, Oleksander

Image - Oleksander Ilchenko

Ilchenko, Oleksander [Ільченко, Олександер; Il’čenko], b 4 June 1909 in Kharkiv, 16 September 1994 in Kyiv. Writer and wartime journalist. Beginning with Dniprel’stan (The Dnipro Dam, 1932), he has written 10 prose collections, 3 plays, and the novels Peterburz’ka osin’ (Autumn in Saint Petersburg, 1941), about Taras Shevchenko, Zvychainyi khlopets’ (An Ordinary Boy, 1947), Neapolitanka (The Girl from Naples, 1963), and the folkloric Kozats’komu rodu nema perevodu, abo zh Mamai i chuzha molodytsia (Cossack Kind Will Never Die, or Mamai and Another's Young Wife, 1958). His works in two volumes were published in 1979.

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