Ilnytsky, Luka

Ilnytsky, Luka [Ільницький, Лука; Il'nyc'kyj], b 1844, d ? Community leader. In the 1870s he was a member of the Hromada of Kyiv and of the Southwestern Branch of the Imperial Russian Geographic Society, for which he collected Ukrainian folklore and ethnographic data. In 1871–81 he worked at the Kyiv Central Archive of Old Documents. Ilnytsky had a bookstore and publishing house in Kyiv. He published a number of Ukrainian works for the Hromada of Kyiv (such as the Ukrainian literary almanac Luna) during a brief period of liberalization in the 1880s. He also distributed Ukrainian literature in Galicia and Transcarpathia. He was exiled to Siberia by the tsarist authorities.

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