Image - Irpin, Kyiv oblast: the Pokrovsky park of wooden sculptures.

Irpin [Ірпінь; Irpin']. Map: III-11. City (2017 pop 50,434) under the jurisdiction of Kyiv oblast, situated on the Irpin River 27 km from Kyiv. It was founded in 1902 as a railway junction. Today it is a popular health resort. In February 1918, when the Central Rada returned to Kyiv, Irpin was the site of several battles between the Sich Riflemen and the Red Army, and in late 1918, of clashes between the Black Sea Battalion of the Army of the Ukrainian National Republic and Hetman government units. Today its main industries are the building-materials industry and machine building: it has one of the largest brick-and-tile plants in Ukraine, a wall-materials and industrial-plastics complex, and a plant that produces machines for the local peat industry. Furniture and leather goods are also manufactured there. Irpin is home to the National Writers' Union of Ukraine. The city boasts of numerous parks and, since 2015, has been promoted as “the city of parks.”

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