Kaluzhniatsky, Omelian

Kaluzhniatsky, Omelian aka Kałużniacki [Калужняцький, Омелян; Kalužnjac'kyj, Omeljan], b 23 January 1845 in Turie, Sambir circle, Galicia, d 3 July 1914 in Chernivtsi. Slavist and Slavic paleographer; corresponding member of the Russian Imperial Academy of Sciences from 1891. After studying at Lviv University and Vienna University, he was professor at Chernivtsi University (1875–1914). He published several Old Ukrainian and Old Bulgarian monuments such as the Putna Gospel and the Horodyshche Apostolos, and did much research on the influence of Church Slavonic on Romanian. He also wrote the monograph Obzor slaviano-russkikh pamiatnikov iazyka i pis'ma nakhodiashchikhsia v bibliotekakh i arkhivakh l'vovskikh (A Survey of Slavonic-Russian Monuments of Language and Literature Found in Lviv Libraries and Archives, 1878).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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