Kalynsky, Tymofii

Image - A Ukrainian burgher (picture by Tymofii Kalynsky). Image - A Ukrainian peasant (picture by Tymofii Kalynsky).

Kalynsky, Tymofii [Калинський, Тимофій; Kalyns'kyj, Tymofij], b early 1740s, d after 1809. Civic leader; painter. Descended from old Ukrainian gentry in Right-Bank Ukraine and educated at the Kyivan Mohyla Academy, he served in various provincial chancelleries of the Hetman state. He wrote several legal and historical memoranda, only some of which have been published, defending the noble status not only of the Ukrainian gentry but also of the Cossacks. In 1778–82 he painted some 30 large watercolors depicting members of the various estates in their characteristic dress. These works were preserved at the Imperial Society of History and Russian Antiquities in Moscow and were reproduced in Aleksandr Rigelman’s Letopisnoe povestvovanie o Maloi Rossii i ee narode i kazakakh voobshche (A Chronicle Account of Little Russia, Its People, and the Cossacks in General, 1847).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

Image - Tymofii Kalynsky: Portrait of Adam Kysil.

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