Kaminsky, Andrii

Kaminsky, Andrii [Камінський, Андрій; Kamins'kyj, Andrij; pseudonym: Pidesha], b 30 August 1873 in Uhniv, Rava-Ruska county, Galicia, d 17 February 1957 in Maribor, Yugoslavia. Priest, pedagogue, and publicist. From 1906 to 1918 he was a coeditor of the newspaper Svoboda in the United States. After the First World War he settled in Yugoslavia and in his writings propagated Slavophile ideas, particularly the idea of Ukrainian and Russian co-operation against Polish and German expansionism in Eastern Europe. He wrote a novel about student life, Vostok i Zapad (The East and the West, 1903), and numerous popular political booklets such as Halychchyna piiemontom (Galicia as the Piedmont, 1924), Zahadka Ukraïny i Halychyny (The Riddle of Ukraine and Galicia, 1927), Narodnyky i obshcherosy (Populists and All-Russians, 1930), and Synteza ukraïnstva i rusofil’stva (The Synthesis of Ukrainianism and Russophilism, 1937).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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