Kharkiv National Agrarian University

Image - Kharkiv Agricultural Institute building (1914-40) (designed by Oleksii Beketov).

Kharkiv National Agrarian University [Харківський національний аграрний університет ім. В.В. Докучаєва; Kharkivskyi natsionalnyi ahrarnyi universytet im. V.V. Dokuchaieva]. A higher educational institution in Kharkiv. Its origins stem from the Agronomy Institute founded in Marymont near Warsaw in 1816, which was renamed the Institute of Agriculture and Forestry in 1840, moved to Puławy, Poland, in 1869, and evacuated to Kharkiv in 1914. From 1921 to 1991 it was known as Kharkiv Agricultural Institute. In 1991 the institute was renamed Kharkiv State Agrarian University, and in 2002 it was granted a national university status and assumed its present name. The university has six faculties: agronomy, plant protection, forest management, land-management engineering, economics and management, and accounting and finances. It also has two teaching and research farms and a dendrological park. The enrolment is approximately 5,400 students. The university has a library with over 600,000 volumes.

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