Kharkiv Scientific Society

Kharkiv Scientific Society ( Kharkivske naukove tovarystvo). A society uniting researchers and lecturers from various institutions of higher learning in Kharkiv founded in 1924. Its six sections (technology, natural science, medicine, agriculture, education, and linguistics-literature) published their own annual reports and journals: eg, Visnyk pryrodoznavstva (1927–31), Biuleten’ Postiinoï komisiï vyvchannia krovianykh uhrupovan’ (4 issues, 1927–30), and Naukovo-tekhnichnyi visnyk (over 90 issues from 1926 to 1936). The society also published its own periodical and annual report—Biuleten’ (9 issues, 1927–8) and Zvit pro diialnist’ (1924–6). Among its more prominent collaborators were Dmytro Bahalii, Stepan Rudnytsky, Vladimir Rubashkin, Mykola Bilousiv, Mykola Barabashov, and Oleksander Yanata. In the mid-1930s the society was dissolved and its sections were merged with other institutes.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1989).]

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