Kherson Regional Studies Museum

Kherson Regional Studies Museum [Херсонський краєзнавчий музей; Khersonskyi kraieznavchyi muzei]. A regional studies museum in Kherson organized in 1963 after the merger of the Kherson Historico-Archeological Museum with the Kherson Natural Historical Museum. The first museum had contained the collections of two earlier museums, a local archeological museum founded by Viktor Hoshkevych in 1890 and a historical museum organized by Józef Paczoski in 1899. Now the museum has nine departments, with over 173,000 exponents (10,000 of them in exposition), covering the region’s natural history, prerevolutionary history, and history after the Revolution of 1917. It is especially rich in archeological artifacts uncovered on the Berezan Island and in the excavations of the ancient Greek colony of Olbia. The Kherson Regional Studies Museum has a branches in Kakhovka.

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