Kherson eparchy

Kherson eparchy [Херсонська епархія; Khersonska eparkhiia]. An Orthodox eparchy, founded in 1837, with its see in Odesa (hence it is officially called Kherson-Odesa eparchy). Before the Revolution of 1917, the territory of Kherson eparchy corresponded to Kherson gubernia; until 1859 it also included Tavriia gubernia and was known as Kherson-Tavriia eparchy. In 1947 the eparchy was incorporated into the Odesa eparchy, but was restored in 1991. Now it comprises the area of Kherson oblast. Before the Revolution of 1917 there were two mens' and three womens' monasteries and 815 priests (1913). An eparchial newsletter, Khersonskie eparkhial’nye vedomosti (see Eparkhial’nye vedomosti), was published semimonthly from 1860. In 1997 a separate eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyiv Patriarchate was established in Kherson.

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