Koialovich, Mikhail

Koialovich, Mikhail [Коялович, Михаил; Kojalovič, Mixail], b 2 October 1828 in Kuznitsa, Sokolka county, Hrodna gubernia, d 4 September 1891 in Saint Petersburg. Russian historian. He was a graduate, then professor (from 1862), of the Saint Petersburg Theological Academy. Koialovich's works, mainly devoted to the history of the Ukrainian-Belorussian church, were written from the viewpoint of Russian imperialism and Slavophilism. His works include Litovskaia Tserkovnaia Uniia (The Lithuanian Church Union, 2 vols, 1859, 1862), ‘Istoriia Basilianskogo ordena’ (The History of the Basilian Order, Khristianskoe Chtenie, 1864), his PH D dissertation Istoriia vossoedineniia zapadnorusskikh Uniatov starykh vremen (The History of the Reunification of the Western Russian Uniates of Ancient Times, 1873), and Istoriia russkogo samosoznaniia poistoricheskim pamiatnikam i nauchnym sochineniiam (The History of Russian Consciousness on the Basis of Historical Sources and Scholarly Studies, 1884). His essays on the history of Right-Bank Ukraine and on the church brotherhoods there appeared in the Slavophile journal Den (1862–4) and elsewhere. Koialovych also compiled and edited Dokumenty, obiasniaiushchie istoriiu Zapadnoi Rossii i eiaotnosheniia k Vostochnoi Rossii i k Pol’she (Documents Explaining the History of Western Russia and Its Relationship to Eastern Russia and Poland, 1865) and Dnevnik Liublinskogo seima 1569 g. (The Minutes of the Lublin Sejm of 1569, 1869).

Arkadii Zhukovsky

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