Kokhanovska, Avhusta

Image - Avhusta Kokhanovska: Self-portrait. Image - Avhusta Kokhanovska: Pilgrims.

Kokhanovska, Avhusta [Кохановська, Августа; Koxanovs’ka], b 6 July 1863 in Cîmpulung, Rоmania, d 7 December 1927 in Toruń, Poland. Painter. A graduate of the Vienna Academy of Arts (1899), she lived in Chernivtsi, where she became friends with Olha Kobylianska. Many of her works deal with the everyday life of the Hutsuls: eg, Hutsuls Returning from the Market (1906), The Blessing of Paskas in the Hutsul Region (1907), The Old Hutsul (1910), and Easter (1911). She was also a portraitist (eg, a self-portrait [1896] and a portrait of Kobylianska [1926]) and a book illustrator (eg, illustrations to Kobylianska's stories [1901] and to Ivan Franko's Petriï i Dovbushchuky [1913]). She wrote some articles on the life of peasants in Bukovyna.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

Image - Avhusta Kokhanovska: Winter. Image - Avhusta Kokhanovska: a postcard design.

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