Kolomyiets, Yurii

Kolomyiets, Yurii [Коломієць, Юрій; Kolomyjec’, Jurij], b 6 May 1930 in Kobeliaky, Poltava oblast. Poet. A postwar refugee, he lived in displaced persons camps in Germany until 1947 and in Belgium until 1952, when he immigrated to the United States. He lives in Chicago. Kolomyiets published his first poems in the journal Novi poeziï and has been loosely associated with the New York Group of poets. He has published two collections of modernist poetry: Hranchaste sontse (The Faceted Sun, 1965) and Bili temy (White Themes, 1983); for the latter collection he was awarded the Antonovych Prize in 1984.

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