Koretsky-Satanovsky, Arsenii

Koretsky-Satanovsky, Arsenii [Корецький-Сатановський, Арсеній; Korec'kyj-Satanovs'kyj, Arsenij], b ? in Sataniv, Podilia, d after 1653. Lexicographer. Of noble origin and a monk at the Kyiv Epiphany Brotherhood Monastery, he taught at the Kyiv Epiphany Brotherhood School until 1649, when he and Hieromonach Yepifanii Slavynetsky were summoned to Moscow. There he helped Slavynetsky to prepare a Russian version of the latter’s Latin-Slavonic dictionary (compiled ca 1642 in Kyiv). At the same time both men worked on a Slavonic-Latin dictionary (1650), six known manuscript copies of which are preserved in Paris, Uppsala, Saint Petersburg, and Moscow (three copies). It has been published by Oleksa Horbach (Rome 1968) and Vasyl Nimchuk (Kyiv 1973). The dictionary’s Slavonic part relies heavily on Pamva Berynda’s lexis, while its Latin part is based on Thesaurus Polono-Latino-Graecus by G. Cnapius (Knapski). It is a valuable source on the vocabulary of mid-17th-century literary Ukrainian. Koretsky also translated from the Latin. In 1653 he was exiled to a monastery in northern Muscovy, and his fate is unknown.

Nimchuk, Vasyl'. Staroukraïns'ka leksykohrafiia v ïï zv’iazkakh z rosiis'koiu ta bilorus'koiu (Kyiv 1980)

George Yurii Shevelov

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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