Image - Korolevo archeological site (aerial view).

Korolevo [Королево; Hungarian: Királyháza]. Map: V-4. Town smt (2017 pop 9,896) and railway depot in Vynohradiv raion, Transcarpathia oblast, on the Tysa River. Until 1995 it was known as Koroleve. The settlement was first mentioned in 1262. A Hungarian royal castle was built there in the 13th century. One of the oldest books in Transcarpathia, the Korolevo Gospel, was copied here in 1401. Today the inhabitants of Korolevo manufacture clothing, artistic wares, and bread products. The oldest Paleolithic site in Ukraine: the Korolevo archeological site, with 14 strata of the Acheulean culture and Mousterian culture, has been under excavation nearby since 1974.

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