Kryzhanivsky, Stepan

Kryzhanivsky, Stepan [Крижанівський, Степан; Kryžanivs’kyj], b 8 January 1911 in Novyi Buh, Kherson gubernia, d 17 July 2002 in Kyiv. Poet and literary scholar. Since 1940 he has been associated with the Institute of Literature of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR. Between 1930 and 1981 he published 20 poetry collections. A large edition of his selected poetry appeared in 1957. He has also written short books about Vasyl Stefanyk (1946), Andrii Malyshko (1951), Arkhyp Teslenko (1949), Mykola Bazhan (1954), and Maksym Rylsky (1955), literary articles, introductions to editions of works by various Soviet Ukrainian writers, and chapters in multiauthor, multivolume histories of Ukrainian literature. His theoretical-critical works on socialist realism include Osnovni rysy radians'koï literatury (The Fundamental Traits of Soviet Literature, 1954), Problemy typovosty v khudozhnii literaturi (The Problems of Types in Creative Literature, 1961), Vykhovannia pravdoiu i krasoiu (Rol' radians'koï literatury u formuvanni novoï liudyny) (Upbringing on Truth and Beauty [The Role of Soviet Literature in the Formation of the New Person], 1962), Robitnycha tema v radians'kii literaturi (The Theme of Labor in Soviet Literature, 1979), and Khudozhni vidkryttia i literaturnyi protses (Artistic Discoveries and the Literary Process, 1979). His memoirs were published in 2002.

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